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RCI fuel purifier?

I actually did get a bad load of fuel once. The debris looked like large coffee grounds. The chuncks were so large they clogged my 3/8 copper lines and shut my old Perkins down*2 times before I got it under control. I knew it was a bad load because several weeks later another guy at the dock was tearing his filters down and removing the same looking particles. We talked and realized we both took on fuel that same day close to the same time. He found out the fuel dock's filter system let go and the tanks were low so we got infected.
This was a fuel dock that did lots of volume.
After the first two incidents I would drain my Racor bowl every trip or so and get a teaspoon full of "grounds". Finally after 6 or 7 years the fuel cleaned up.
But that was once in 20 years of diesel boating so that isn't too bad.

I got water one time...because the guy next to me in winter storage built a "hut" so he could strip down his boat. My theory is that that side of the boat and fuel tank got warmed with the sun then instantly got chilled when the sun ducked behind the hut.
As I was idling at the dock before my trip to the summer slip I saw the Racor bowl full of water. I shut down and drained the racor. Then made up a suction rig with a squeezeball, listed the boat so the water would settle in a corner, and sucked out water until the fuel was clear. Got about half gallon of water.
Never had another drop, so again I was lucky.

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