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RCI fuel purifier?


With a good filtering setup and assuming you go to high turnover branded fuel stops, bad fuel will not be*a diesel bugaboo. If you read you'd be hard pressed to find any problems raised due to bad fuel from the pump - old fuel tanks in a boat that set for years and then a new owner, yes. My read on all this "bad fuel' stuff is a self perpetuating old wives tale. Most water in diesel is due to leaky tank tops, bad vent lines*and bad O rings on the fuel filler. Everybody knows somebody who has a friend who*got a load of*bad fuel ---yada yada.

For the past many decades, I have been involved with the purchase of* millions of gallons of diesel. My remembrance of bad fuel - NADA. Of course I never bought it from an old tank farm in the Bahamas following a hurricane.

By the way, the Monk 36 is an icon, enjoy it.

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