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RE: RCI fuel purifier?

sunchaser wrote:

Pardon me Woody, I made the mistake of reading the RCI website It clearly states that doing away with all filters except the on-engine is recommended. They are nuts. On a new boat with a Tier II engine, following RCI's recommendations would lead to disaster. If you want to add anything, add a 30u*"bulk" fleetguard filter in front of your other two filters, You will sleep soundly.
Wow, I did read the stuff on their web site but I didn't see that part!* I agree, I don't think replacing my current primary with this is a good idea!* Like Seahorse, I have read the stories and have been told my many that "bad fuel is the leading source of problems on Diesel engines" and so I've spent many hours lying awake pondering the best filtration setup.

I think in the end what I'll do is leave the setup the same, and pull a sample from the bottom of both tanks to see what is down there, and go from there.

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