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RE: RCI fuel purifier?

sunchaser wrote:

What problems are you having with the existing setup? For the best filter setup go to and read the articles on fuel filtration using a 3 stage setup. Sounds like your mechanic*would enjoy reading it too. Any mechanic recommending doing away with filters I'd not listen to, ever again.
I'm not having any problems, I'm trying to prevent them.* My mechanic never reccomended I get rid of any filters.* He reccomended adding the RCI unit before the primary filter.* Since it is his belief that the Algae-X is only taking up space my thought was replacing it.

The conversation started when I asked him what the best setup was and he replied "well, there are two schools of thought..." and I think everyone who reads this forum knows about what they are.** Then he suggested I look up the RCI unit and that it would remove most water and particles before they even got to my primary/secondary filters.

The heater they refer to is to help melt parafin/reduce gelling.* The heater is an optional accessory and I guess is appropriate for certain climates.

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