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Originally Posted by Tad Roberts View Post
The numbers are achievable, but you can't take a lot of stuff with you. And you must remain disciplined about adding goodies.....

Dashew is selling to the Mercedes mentality, everything is over-engineered and over-built, where one pump will do he installs three, etc, etc....The real minimum is somewhere else, and it's great to see someone working towards it.....
Tad - I'd really like to understand better this issue you bring up. "disciplined about adding goodies..." makes me wonder... from your experience, what exactly what are you trading off when you go to a light design like this. From his the Artnautica Facebook page it sounds like he's got room for a genset in the production boat - but I'm wondering about AC, onboard water desalinator, a flying bridge, no double bottom of boat, thinner Aluminum hull and window glass spec compared to the Dashew FPB, etc.

Are these all something you can't add to the Artnautica without a complete redesign? What else are you trading off when you go to the very light boat design?

I'm totally happy with the "Toyota Corolla" of long, thin cruisers - but what I don't want is the bare-bones "vw bug" of the boat world - with no radio, etc.

Any tips greatly appreciated.
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