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Originally Posted by Billyfeet View Post
I'm wondering why anyone that has any off shore experience is even considering long trans-ocean passages in boats like these. ... There are plenty of well constructed, beautifully appointed, easily operated yachts on the market for long distance cruising short handed in luxury. Look under AUXUILIARY SAILBOATS!.
I'm not familiar with Auxiliary Sailboats, but Sailboats as a class are a very common option - and well proven for distance cruising/blue water passage making. And I've read that something like 4,000 to 5,000 people a year do this.

But from my perspective (and I'm sure many also on this forum) the sailboat is not ideal. While I love sailboats and have owned a number of them for local cruising, my issues with sailboat for longer cruising are:

1. You feel like you're in a tunnel if you're inside the cabin - I like lots of glass so I can view the amazing outdoors, when I'm cooking, and relaxing inside the boat.
2. You're usually exposed to the weather - being forced to hang out at the back of the boat in the elements all the time (or most of the time) is sub-optimal for me.
3. The sailboat is difficult to manage as you get older - my parents, and many others eventually sell the boat (much like Steve Dashew has done) when they get older because they can't handle them.
4. A sailboat, by its very nature, is actually a "Hybrid" solution - with all the complexity of both sails and an engine. More complexity means more potential problems when long distance cruising.
5. A big part of the time you're probably under power, even on a sailboat. But you're dragging around a huge ballast and large sails that make it a less efficient powerboat than something like the Dashew FPB or Artnautical 58.
6. I'd like to take my parents on the boat - but with something that is frequently sailing at a large angle - it makes it very hard and dangerous for older people that have trouble walking and standing up.
7. Even the sailboats with the hard dodger that get you out of the elements when you are sailing - wall you off from the rest of the activity in the boat - so you're alone battling the elements. I would much prefer to be in a larger cabin with my family when cruising in bad weather.
8. Sailboats can't take a direct route to where you want to go - you have to follow the winds - which in my mind is suboptimal.
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