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This is not his first boat.....Mr. Harjamaa states his background here

Dennis Harjamaa -Designer of yachts, fuel-efficient boats, sail boats, cruising boats.

And there are dozens of pictures of the boat under construction here

Why are the numbers unbelievable? A smaller boat is a smaller pile of stuff. There are perfectly seaworthy 70' sailboats that cross oceans and weigh 25,000 pounds, half of which is ballast. The numbers are achievable, but you can't take a lot of stuff with you. And you must remain disciplined about adding goodies.....

We have a 40' minimum displacement coastal cruiser under construction now, and keeping weight in check is continually challenging.... But I think, when she's launched, I'll have a new benchmark in how light is possible.

Dashew is selling to the Mercedes mentality, everything is over-engineered and over-built, where one pump will do he installs three, etc, etc....The real minimum is somewhere else, and it's great to see someone working towards it.....
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