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Originally Posted by Tad Roberts View Post
If you look at that way every boatbuilder is riding on someone's coattails....

But I think the Artnautica boat is very different from the FPB 64. Artnautica states a "Heavy Displacement" of 31,000 pounds, the Dashew 64 is 90,000 fully loaded...That's three times the boat. The Dashew is 4' wider and 6' longer, that will also make a huge difference.

One of negatives of lighter weight boats is their motion in a sea is quicker and this fatigues crew. Is the Artnautica too light? I don't know and it's a subjective concern, everybody will have a different answer. Quick motion is a common complaint and the designer must balance waterplane against displacement and stability to try and slow her down.....The Dashew's set up a system to strap themselves in, which seems bizarre to someone used to the slow motion of a 100 ton Romsdal.
Yes, they are. But I'd never buy a designers first boat. And as to who would be building it, I have no idea. You just look at the numbers, the claims. Most builders have some form or heritage that leads them to where they are. They were key people in another proven builder and started on their own building similar boats. A lot of that in SF. A lot of yacht builders in the US were previously involved building commercial boats. Or they buy an existing factory. Or bring in a proven team.

They don't make claims to be the equal of boats weighing three times what they claim theirs will weigh. They might claim 10% or 20% less in weight. When you make claims that sound too good to be true, they probably are. From the web site it really doesn't look like he's trying to sell boats but just designs. He says it's "available as plans and cutfiles." The boat supposedly closer to being built, he shows only one photo. I know I'm a skeptic but we also need to not encourage people to jump into seriously problematic situations. Boats that are paper designs only. Engines that will save the world and supposedly were tested 7 years ago but not even one actually exists. Builders who have partially finished boats sitting on their lot, multiple suits and now launch their latest and watch it tumble over on the ramp, then throw up their hands and say we're closed.

You put the numbers in your post that show how flawed this all is. Where is anything on his site telling how he achieves these unbelievable numbers?
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