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if the sample you are sending for analysis is just the drainings from the sump i would not worry about it too much.
are you sure you are emptying the sump ? if not then the analysis will continue to show the same contaminant, albeit it may be present in a different proportion, did the sample report give amounts or just a "more than" figure ? it is the trend of the figure that is important, draw a simple graph over a few changes if you wish to know what is really happening but i wouldnt spend too much time or money on oil reports ....oil capacity in the sump cant be much, i would keep changing the oil after every couple of hours running until it cleans up. the oil is carrying the contamination away, oil changes are very cheap maintenance and you may have a lot of dirt to clean out, possibly ten years worth, i would worry more about the oil colour than two sample reports
make sure you drain the oil immediately after stopping (before the contaminant has time to settle out) and after at least an hours run. If you cant get it all out dont worry too much, its just a percentage game
I presume there is a filter? are you changing that also? cut it open and open the paper out, if you see any significant flakes of white metal you probably have a problem that needs fixing if not I would not worry about it until after several more changes
you also need a magnet in the drain plug if possible, you will then see the iron particles which should get less each oil change and virtually disappear
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