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Thanks guys for all your help. I checked the tranny cooler and there was no debris there, so I'm going to assume the impeller is OK.

I think SKI's explanation is correct. A hot spot occurred at low water flow and disappeared with increased rpm. The engine never overheated. The coolant temp never changed throughout this incident.

The engine is a reman installed less than a year ago now with 180 hours on it. It's unlikely the cooling system is in need of cleaning and remember the coolant temp is normal according to the gauge.

As far as I know the location of the sensor on the rubber exhaust hose is OK.

SKI's knowledge of the Cummins engines is highly regarded on another forum, so I take his recommendations with great weight. I adjusted the raw water temp sensor lower on the exhaust hose and will monitor it closely. I don't want to chase problems that don't exist.

Thanks again guys, hopefully no more problems.
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