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Originally Posted by rwidman View Post
I wonder about the 250 HP engine also. Every time an engine thread comes up, there's the argument that underloading a diesel engine is bad for it. Mine is a 200 HP Volvo with a maximum RPM of 3900. I normally cruise at 2000 so I'm sure it's underloaded. Running any faster greatly increases the fuel use.
That argument is only valid in very limited conditions. It's valid for Generators because of how they're tuned. It's also true when an engine is tuned for constant use and heavy loads. Then running it at 75-80% is appropriate. However, you can take a 1500 hp diesel and run it at 1000 rpm's and just open it up periodically and not have any issues, because it's probably designed for a lighter load. The engine manufacturers do match the specific engines to the anticipated load. MTU, for instance, may offer the same basic engine in six to ten different configurations.

As to the 250 hp Honda I have no idea what load they're building it for.
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