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Originally Posted by bayview View Post
Sounds like something is blocking the flow from time to time. Junk or old impeller pieces may block flow then settle down with shut down only to plug up sometime later. Look at the first thing downstream from the pump, trans oil cooler? Then the after cooler then heat exchanger.

Also worth checking the seacock hose for growth if the above easy stuff is not the problem.
It's relatively easy to check the trans cooler for impeller bits, I'll do that.

Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post
Tim, to be clear, your coolant is not over heating but a hot spot showing up on the exhaust hose? Summer water temps can cause this for me in the PNW mind you I see 150 in the summer vs 130 F in the winter on the one side of a Centek.

But, if your diver saw some buildup underwater, the top holes on elbow may be building up also. Is this a new development?
Yes a new development. It could be the warmer water but I've operated the engine the last 130 hrs in warmer temps than current with no issues.

And yes the coolant temps have never changed.

I think you're both saying the same thing and that is to check the hose from the sea cock to the raw water pump for clogging. That will require removing the hose, something I probably can't do. I will however stuff a long rod up into the sea cock and see if anything loosens up when the current abates a bit.
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