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Originally Posted by Capt.Bill11 View Post
I guess you could cut through the nipple if you were very careless or a klutz. Have you tried it? Or are you now the one talking out his a$$?
I think Mule was referring to the risk of marking the barb along it's length if you use a cutter to split the part of the hose stuck onto the barbed nipple. He was not suggesting anyone would be dumb enough to cut hose and barbed nipple off at a swipe, I suspect. And it is tempting to help get the stuck part of the hose off, even after you've cut the hose away beyond the barb end, by doing a longitudinal (shallow) cut, but always there is the risk of it not being shallow, & cutting a groove into the barb which can then be a source of leak, however unlikely unless it is gouged really deep. I often thought of trying one of those hose remover things, but never did…could be worth having though.
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