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Two things:

1) Yes, a heat gun usually helps spread the heat around, don't just get one spot hot and be careful not to burn anyhing.

2) Go to your favorite auto parts or tool store and ask for a "radiator hose tool"

Heat your hose and wiggle it if you can, then stick the point of the tool between the inside of the hose and the fitting as far as you can and try to work it around the outside of the fitting/inside of the hose. Keep working it as much as you can while wiggling the hose. It's easier to do than to explain. The object is to break the seal between the hose and the fitting.

This is one of those processes that works better after you've done it a few times.

While you're at the auto parts store, pick up a small tube of "radiator hose grease". When it's time to reinstall the hose (used or new), smear a little of this grease on the outside of the fitting and the inside of the hose. This will make it easier to install and easier to remove down the road.
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