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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
We owned a 2002 Camano from 2004-2008 they are very well made and fun boats. A 250 hp engine does sound like overkill, I wonder how wide the V configured engine is compared to the inline volvo and how it affects engine room space. Mine would plane with the Volvo 210hp but fuel consumption went way up. The Saloon and FB have lots of room for that size boat.
Good luck to them
I wonder about the 250 HP engine also. Every time an engine thread comes up, there's the argument that underloading a diesel engine is bad for it. Mine is a 200 HP Volvo with a maximum RPM of 3900. I normally cruise at 2000 so I'm sure it's underloaded. Running any faster greatly increases the fuel use.

As for the other comment about increased quality, I haven't been on a lot of boats but to me, the Camano quality is very high. It was never a "cheap" boat.
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