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Velvet Drive Stopped Working

I just got 1983 Marine Trader LaBelle from my dad. Today I am having problems with the tranny on the Port side engine. I took her out and was moving about 5 knots when my wife came up to the fly bridge and said that the engine room was making weird noises. I had her take over and ran down to the engine room. The noise sounded like a sporadic clunking sound in the tranny. As it was running I pulled the tranny dip stick to see if I was out of fluid and it was not then the noise and shaft stopped turning. I limped her back to the docks on one prop. The engine runs but when I put it in to gear the shaft did not turn nor the coupler. I have removed the tranny forward/ revs value and started the engine up to see if I had any pressure (shade tree mechanic way). I did not get any tranny fluid pouring out of it. I also drained the tranny fluid and it looked clean for the most part. I am thinking that the pump went out, but not total sure of that. Any other ideas before I pull it out?
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