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Originally Posted by FF View Post
I just hate leaving the flushed stuff in the line to the vented loop.


If its out of the toilet and past the joker , who cares of its in the line?

Salt and minerals , not crap, builds up inside waste lines causing their need for replacement.
As I said earlier, joker valves invariably leak. They're also a built in obstruction that impedes the flow.

Roger, I was thinking in terms of the redesigned system on our boat. I relocated the remote vented loops to the front wall of vanity cabinets immediately adjacent to the heads and the vertical rise to get above the waterline is quite short. So the amount of water to vacate the dirty water is small...about a quart and a half. Might be that there's enough of a rise to the exit at the top of your toilet to leave a small pool of water in the bowl...or you could add a small loop right at that point with enough rise (volume) to keep just a small pool in the bowl. I deleted all the joker valves when I reconfigured the system. Big difference in odor control and pumping efficiency of the heads. Depends how much effort you want to put into moving components. By the way, the exit from the vented loops on our boat are now directly atop the inlet to the "Y" valves (basically a single stacked unit). Took a little head scratching to find a suitable location. Also fresh water flush, but that's a different topic.
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