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Originally Posted by ben2go View Post
Yes.They will have to go directly into a grey water tank.

When I go coastal,LOL,I will install selector valves and associated plumbing to divert to tank, or over board.I may add it,while I am building.Depends on how complex everything gets and how hidden all the hoses and fittings will be.
The more complicated you make things, the more likely there will be a problem, either with the equipment or with the operator.

The purpose of a trap is to prevent sewer gasses from entering the home, business, boat, whatever. Discharging directly overboard, there are no sewer gasses to deal with.

Unless the area you plan to boat in requires containment of grey water, there's no good reason to have a grey water tank and the associated plumbing. Grey water (sinks and showers) can be routed directly overboard without a trap.
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