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Originally Posted by FF View Post
There is no such thing as Turnkey , as so many choices are very individual.

If you will just be cruising there is still a set of choices.

The Marina to Marina folks will want bow and stern thrusters , onboard dink storage,
the anchor out folks will be far more interested in endurance, silently on the hook.

Even if the boat is 90% just what you want it will still be big bucks and time to obtain the other 10%

Remember the 90/90 rule,

90% of the work takes 90% of the time,

the remaining work ALSO takes 90% of the time.

If boat building is your hobby , get a fixer up and be happy for 5-10 years.

IF cruising is the goal , get the boat , get underway and in a year decide what isnt working for you.

Most people seeing our 1987 DF 44 would describe it as turnkey . . . and it certainly was immediately usable. But there are always some things--from out-dated electronics to anchor preferences to neglected items or things nearing the end of their useful lives--that a new owner will want to change or fix. Best approach for us was to buy a well-maintained, fundamentally sound boat, use it now and enjoy fixing the 10% (along with the routine maintenance that even new boats need).
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