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Well Done Conall. It must be quite a feeling.
Buying an old used boat is quite a buzz; You must have been ecstatic launching the project of a lifetime. Congratulations!

Are there any obvious high points where your coolant lines would collect air where you could fit a bleed off valve?

You may have already tried this, but you could do a simple pressure test, by pumping coolant into the closed loop and closely watching the pressure gauge. If you have a noticeable pressure increase after a small amount of coolant pumped (maybe one cup), an air lock is not your problem. The slower the pressure buildup, the more (compressible) air you have in the system.

If there is air in a high point that can't be bled, the only thing I can suggest would be hooking up a high rate pump to to your circuit with the engine bypassed and an air collection vessel with bleed valve at the high point in the line.

You could get the boatyard to pick up the stern to move any air in the bow end of your circuit, but you've probably had enough fun in the slings.

So - are you happy with how she lays in the water, or will you add a bit of ballast in the bow?
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