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Originally Posted by healhustler View Post
Yeah. I think I'd prefer boring, but I'm sure they will have their moments. When you''re that far out, every little unrecognizable squeak, creak or grunt or vib is a "moment". One evening at my dock, I was aboard a friends boat who probably had more cruising miles aboard boats in blue water than anyone I know. A couple of dolphins were playing below the boat, probably chasing a school of fish. Suddenly there was a loud thump on his hull (something I had heard many times while docked there with my own boat). Even with all his experience, he stood up (obviously startled) and said he had never heard anything like that before.
I've talked to several who have made the crossing and it's funny how different it is for each of them in terms of enjoyment, trouble, fear, weather, conditions. There have been some where the boat was put on the market for sale as soon as they reached the other side. But others saying it was the experience they hoped for plus some. I would think only having two aboard to share the helm would be tough. Especially since it also denies the two of you common experiences much of the time as you're simply not together. But we're all use to different paces. Our longest single leg of our Alaska trip was 760 miles but we had plenty of helmsmen and were never bored. I think about the time they hit the midway point the enormity of the trip will hit them when they realize how far they are from the nearest land. They seemed extremely well prepared and I'm betting on a great experience for them.
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