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Wow, the AP25 gets upgraded that way? Very old-school. The newer AP24, 28, and 70 are all down-load only.

But on a side note, I used two Simrad WR-20 devices over the course of almost two years and they are complete junk. It simply doesn't work reliably. You may think you have control of your AP, but you may not.... I found others with similar problems. Simrad just dodged the problem, but admitted that they are not making it any more, even though they continue to advertise and sell it. If you still can, I'd return it fast and get your money back.

After two seasons of experimenting the best we could conclude was that having any cellular device turned on onboard the boat stimulated the issue. The problem was definitely in the wireless communications between the handset and base station. I was able to monitor the N2K traffic and show that it was operating flawlessly. Note that the cell phones, ipads, etc. did not have to be in use for there to be problems, just turned on.

So, if you are the one person left on the planet who doesn't use a cell phone, and doesn't have any passengers who use a cell phone, then the WR20 is the product for you. Otherwise don't waste your time like I did.
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