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Originally Posted by pilothouse king View Post
If you have no objection to watching the same channels you used to be able to watch for free before our airwaves were given to corporations to charge us, you can buy a HD antenna at Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes, Costco for under $30.00. It's literally paper thin, and the resolution is far superior to cable.
I'm with George CalTexFla on this. I also have an OTA (over the air) antenna but since they went digital the reception is either perfect or -0-. It's not reliable unless you are within 20-30 miles of the transmitter even then some stations are spotty because they are running reduced power to save money. The State of NJ public broadcasting used to have 4 channels now I believe they have 2 and they are running at reduced power to save on the electric bill as well as the air conditioning needed to cool these digital amplifiers.
Some mornings I can get 40 channels from my slip then an hour later I get 20 and half are in Spanish. There isn't much to watch on network TV, just look at their ratings compared to cable?
What I hate is the huge number of commercials on the pay TV stations I can understand it on over the air TV but not on channels you pay to watch.
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