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I purchased a boat that ended up having a leaky black water tank, a slow drip in the prop shaft seal and an engine oil leak that left a film on top of the sea water in the bilge. This combination made for a pretty nasty witches brew. All have now been repaired and I had the bilge professionally pressure washed. I replaced the mattress, washed all curtains, upholstery carpets and scrubbed everything that could be reached. While most of the bad odors have been reduce greatly, there is a lingering odor that comes back after the boat had been buttoned up for awhile. I know that this smell is embedded in every part of the boat and only time and continued cleaning will reduce it.

I bought an ozone generator through Amazon for around $160. This was a three plate unit with a timer and is about the size of a small toolbox. I go to the boat every two weeks on average and when I get there, I put the ozone generator in the engine room with the hatch open, set the timer for one hour, and go grocery shopping. When I return, I open all doors and let it air out. The bad odor is gone for awhile, but starts to return in a couple of days. The bottom line for my boat is that I will continue use the ozone generator as needed until the unpleasant odors have subsided over time and replaced by more pleasant aromas. The ozone generator is not a fix-all, just one of the tools.
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