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You go first. I'm not a believer in "magic" fixes, most especially involving stress cracks. They claim it to be a structural repair for stress cracks, which I don't believe one word of and it makes me rather strikingly critical of their entire company after such a claim by marketing.

As far as gel coat matching, <sigh>, its not quite so easy as just buying the correct tube. If you want to do it right, the method of application, the blending, matters more than the exact color matching itself. Not that the color match is not important, its critical. The last time we did gel work on my boat, we matched three different colors for three different sides of the boat. You pretty much have to do this if your boat is something other than brand new and you have an original can of the gel used.

There is a reason why people who get paid to do this charge what they do. I have the idea down pretty darn well, but for me to do a repair at least 80% as good as my favorite gel person, takes me quite a bit more time to do it right.

As far as getting the right general color for your boat, here in the Seattle we are blessed with two companies that supply/supplied most of the gel coat that has been used on boats over time. One is Spectrum, the other is Gel Coat Products inc. They share a common heritage and I've used both from time to time. They know their businesses well, ship everywhere and can color match if you need it.

That said, do realize that the last time we did gel coat on my boat, we did two things. 1.) I acquired a couple quarts of fresh standard color mixed gel for my boat, an off white. 2.) We then custom color matched each area that we were doing using a color pigment kit, some of the secrets to matching my color I have been sworn to secrecy <cough> <green> <cough>. The point is, if you want it done right, its not quite as simple as just ordering the right color and smudging it on, then sanding flat/polish. I'm sure this company would like you to believe that. Maybe that method is acceptable to you, but even with a 30yo boat, its not acceptable to me. I can still spot slight color imperfections from five feet away, most never will notice not knowing where to look, but even when you do it right there is quite an art to it. It wouldn't look this good if we had used a miracle product.

No way I'm guinnie pigging the stress crack cure. This product will boil down to nothing more than some kind of shiny clear coat acrylicish, wet solvent-ish to hide the white of the scratch line. I'll be astounded if it ages well. Same with the car quick fixes. You can get some mileage out of a "glaze", but its never really been a fix to me. Looks better at 15 feet than nothing, but not a cure and needs to be repeated every time you polish. Stress cracks require fixing the flexing first, opening, filling, and lots of fairing. It's a lot of work done right, and we have a company from a far of land making wild claims to a subject we would all be willing participants to want to believe. Sure sounds like an age old approach to get our money to me. How come the professionals don't use it? Are we really to believe they have never heard of it, yet us mere boaters know a secret and for the price of ginsu knives.....blah blah blah

Nope, not buying it, no I'm not...
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