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Preparing for The Great Loop

GonzoF1 wrote:

I can't imagine investing that much time in it. Maybe, I guess... but FIVE years?
One could spend five years exploring the San Juan Islands and that's a relatively small area, perhaps 30 by 30 miles or so.* It all depends on what you want out of the journey.* I've "explored" the San Juans in 30 minutes in a de Havilland Beaver and saw every inch of every island shoreline.* Or you could spend a couple of decades poking around in the same area and see something new every day.

It's just a matter of determining how much time you want to spend-- or can spend--- and what sort of things you feel are the most interesting along the way.* Whether you do the trip in three months (or however long it takes to do the loop if you're on the move all the time) or three years, you can have a fulfilling experience either way.

To say it's impossible to have a fullfilling experience unless you take x-amount of time to do it is an unrealistic statement to my way of thinking.* If you HAVE five years and you think this particular cruise would hold your attention for that long, great.* But I suspect that the people who do it in a few months feel just as satisfied with their experience and accomplishment as the people who take several years.

So do it at whatever pace and schedule fits your time and interests and don't lose any sleep over what someone else did.

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