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RE: I'll get to it

Let see... where to begin. Start with 1975 Marine Trader that wasn't designed worth crap.
1. Repair outside of house and flybridge.... done!
2. Remodel aft state room.... Done.
3. Remodel aft head....Done.
4. Remodel fwd head... In progress.
5. Replace water tanks... Done.
6. Rebuild 3 rotted stringers in engine room....DONE!
7. Refurb all engine accessories. starter,alternator,cooling ..Done.
8. Overhaul transmission... almost done, need 2 more gaskets.
9. Paint outsid... Got first 2 coats of paint on the house. too hot to pain now.
And the list goes on. As you can see a complete refurb takes alot of time when
you are doing it all by yourself, plus full time employed. I didn't even mention all
the other little things that has been done so far. Major things to go are new prop shaft,
bottom job and plumbing. Then it will be little detials like installing lights, fly bridge controls
and such. I have been working on this for about 3 years now and I think the end is finally
beginning to appear on the horizion. Last really BIG item is what the *&%%$@ do I do
with the rusty fuel tanks?
I hav pix I have to resize and will post later.

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