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Draft has been mentioned, and I'd give that close consideration since your plans are all what I would consider coastal cruising. Our Grand Banks draws just under 4' and can go pretty much anywhere including the ICW and all the canal systems (air draft is low enough too). In contrast, our Nordhavn draws just under 7'. That rules out parts of the ICW, and significant parts of the canal system (probably the best parts), and the air draft precludes the canals (great loop) without modifying the stack to hinge down.

We have used the Grand Banks for coastal cruising like you plan, and have run through the canals, ICW, and coast from Canada to the Bahamas. 95% of the time we run at displacement speed, but being able to wail on occasion is really handy. I concur with others that at slower speeds, we get the same fuel mileage as comparably sized displacement boats.

If I were going to continue with only coastal cruising, I would definitely stay with the Grand Banks to gain the extra flexibility afforded by small draft, both water and air.

By the way, my Grand Banks is for sale, hint, hint, hint.
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