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Originally Posted by SailorGreg View Post
Thanks for the comments and suggestions: First off, Hi to Bay Pelican; we met in Rodney Bay in '10 and I think the wives got together for one of their liquid lunches.
Yes, coming from a LH, I like the idea of somewhat overbuilt. Last time we crossed the Mona, we waited a week for a decent window and still got slammed around. Bad enough in a LH, not sure what it would have been like in one of the boats we are discussing here. Traveling between Caribbean islands, our go-no go for the LH was 6' seas or higher, and sometimes I even got that wrong by a few feet. (never in my favor)
As to KK's, been on a 48, and it would do well, but for headroom. I could live with it, but uncomfortable. Few 3SR KK48's. My LH has more headroom in the saloon. Forget about the LH engine "room" however. Will check out the O.A's on line.
And N47 suggests the N55, which can do everything, but looks quite tall. And draws more than I would care for... Just the same, I could probably live with the N55 negatives. Some friends of mine recently sold their N55, so I will see what they have to say about it.
Nordhavn's are going to be borderline at best on draft and aren't generally going to meet the requirements of air draft for the loop without a hydraulic hinged mast which some may have, but I haven't seen on Nordhavn's.
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