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Originally Posted by n36511 View Post
Last issue that I least from a battery/charging perspective, is that when running off of the 7.3Kohler, the batteries will not charge. From what I have read, some chargers do not work well with marine generators...something about sine wave. To test my theory, I plugged in my Honda 2000 generator (made to run sensitive electronics) and the charger kicks in and starts charging.
Thanks - Scott
The Xantrex TrueCharge series does not like older generators period.

If you have the Xantrex remote monitoring panel you will see your charger go to "Standby Mode" after a few minutes of charging. Mine would charge for about 20 minutes on my Onan 7.5 and then it would switch. If my batteries were way down it might actually charge for an hour on the generator. I had an electrician check out my generator and while brushless, it does a lousy job of maintaining a clean 60 cycles and 120 volts under light loads.

PS: I would have an electrician look at that setup. . . my three charger leads go directly to each battery bank, not the switch. If I understand what you are saying correctly, if your battery switch was turned off, then your charger would be disconnected from your batteries??
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