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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
Wifey B: I'm spoiled. Ok, I admit it but not entering a 12 step recovery program for it as I like it. But this made me think. When I was a child and in the house, and I use that term quite loosely and generously and only if by definition a house doesn't have to meet any real requirements, I would have considered a 35' boat to have been a gigantic palace. (House I'm guessing was maybe 20x20). Now I would find it extremely difficult although I could do it. Just don't.

Still it's a reminder that compared to most of the world the person on here with the smallest boat is living like a king or queen or some combination thereof. Reminder, not to start political talk but simply because this made me think of it and I'm sort of random in thought, 20% of the kids in the US today are living in poverty. Look, I'm not whining as I'm the luckiest girl in the world, but having been there, it's not a nice place. Luckily I didn't know how bad it sucked then cause for me it was normal.

Heck, the only boats I saw as a kid were on tv and the one time I went with some group to a lake.

Need for 10 pairs of jeans. We need to be sure we don't forget the diff between need and want. Like when we say, "Let's go eat, I'm starving." Well, most of us don't know what the heck starving is.

Not telling anyone to feel bad for what they have. Just as we talk about what we can live with, it's a lot less in boat size and every other way than we sometimes think.
Very well stated. I too now know what it was like growing up in a family that didn't have much when I was young. My wife and I are moving from the 40 Mainship SB basically a pretty wide 41' boat to a 36 Gulfstar MarkII trawler and we are thrilled. Could we live in the boat if needed? Absolutely and comfortably.

As far as Bayliners we actually looked at 2859's with the Alaskan enclosure but decided against mainly because my wife wanted a real shower and she didn't want to squat over the head as she put it to take a shower. Otherwise they are very nice boats.
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