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Originally Posted by geoffm View Post
I went aboard a 34' Marine Trader at an in-the-water boat show ...

But as a live-aboard vessel? No way. It was just too small.


But in the wintertime, I and whoever I lived aboard with would get on each others' nerves and be at each others' throats in a metric heartbeat. Not my idea of a good time.


Besides, on a boat that size, stowage space -- for clothes, pots and pans, reading material, and so forth-- would be at a considerable premium.

And if you're into video entertainment ,,,,


But I urge you to reconsider the size of the boat you're thinking of living aboard.
Thanks for the input Geoffm, for you, it may be too small.

Everyone is different. Most liveaboards (couples) live on 35ft sailboats...I know a couple on a 34ft that have lived on there for over 4 years....have you seen how much room there is on a sailboat?

The Marine Traders are huge comparatively. As Ghostrider42 points out, an airstream is even smaller. If you want to see living small, check out the Tiny House movement.

Not a personal attack, but your metric heartbeat, also reflects your personality and the relationship with your mate, as many people have done it and are still living it.

I know a couple that have lived very happily on 37 trawler for over 15 years. Very famous on this board actually.

As for stowage space, who needs 10 pairs of jeans? shoes? etc. Most liveaboards have offsite storage for seasons and extra items.

And as far as books and electronics go. Books, only a few hardbooks should be required, the rest being digital on a laptop and on the cloud. Same for music and videos. TV, sure, 25-30 with a PS3 and VGA connection. No need for DVR, I have one at home and never watch it, I mostly watch live sports, netflix and TV series.

But thanks for the advice!
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