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RE: Preparing for The Great Loop

Everything on our Beach House blog is preparation for just the trip you are thinking about. One issue to watch is the Asian Carp lawsuits going on in the Great Lakes States. Unless alternatives are found, closing of the canals will put an end to the loop. Having said that, we are still preparing for the trip, and if that loop is closed there is still more waterways to cruise along the US coast than we could cover in a lifetime. Every boat is going to be different. Each crew has there own comfort and safety levels and what equipment and systems you install will depend on yours. My advise would be to either join the AGLCA or at the least spend some time on their web site and read the many, many posting on members sites for some real world accounts of the trip. Then start making your plans for the boat and the crew. Lots of short term local cruising will also give you some insight on your to do list. Start with, MUST HAVE, move to SHOULD HAVE, and then the final list should be, LIKE TO HAVE. Hone your skills with the boat every chance you get and be sure every crew member is proficient at operating and docking the boat as well as man overboard drills. Take courses on diesel engines, electrical systems and plumbing. By the time you have done all of this, it will be time to go. Chuck
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