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Originally Posted by Capt Kangeroo View Post
Hi Steph, all the best in your search. The wife & I are in the final stages of the adventure your contemplating embarking on. We found our boat and have it pretty much ready to go, the final step that we have become severely bogged down on (read scared to the point of inaction) is what to do with the house & a lifetime accumulation of stuff.

You may want to widen your search for a boat as the trawler pickings in Ontario are pretty slim and far overpriced compared to the USA. We too went looking for an Albin for likely all the same reasons as you and ultimately found our Albin in Florida. We had intended to bring it home immediately but it made more sense to start our adventure from there so we fly down for a month or so at a time whenever we can get away. Makes for a great inexpensive vacation while we prepare the boat. Note, I mean the vacation itself is inexpensive, the boat like most others is an awe inspiring money pit from hell.

Good luck, keep us posted!
Yep, I noticed (slim pickings in Canada vs Florida)...I like your idea...I wanted to become liveaboard for awhile, that way I could rent the house and work/update the boat before going away.

Food for thought for sure.

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