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Originally Posted by bligh View Post
Well, the sentoa list is active to a point. 'Lists' in general IMO are antiquated and not forward thinking. Also, I believe their members are older. There are a lot of used nordic tugs on the market. As these boats change hands, the new generation of owners (like myself) are going to be more tech savvy and want more from a digital forum than a list server provides. Forums allow private messaging, photos, videos and other options that list servers don't allow.
At some point someone will make a nordic tugs forum and it will probably populate itself over time if managed somewhat responsibly.
Personally, I thought that if TF had a NT forum, I could post messages in sentoa with links to photos and videos in my TF threads. I'm not sure I could carry the whole endeavor, myself, but if the sentoa people could be at least pointed to TF occasionally they might be inclined to visit TF more often.
Another observation is that the nordic tug Facebook group seems totally disconnected from the sentoa list. They could also be made aware of a NT forum.
Regardless, I really enjoy TF and will still be happy if no changes are made at this point.
Can't you still do all of this? Even if you have to share the list with other brands of tugs? Aren't there common topic you could share with American Tug owners or Lord Nelson owners?
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