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A year and a half ago when I was looking to upgrade my plotter I looked at the SH series of plotters. What made me look at them was their excellent customer support and the fact that they were the only plotter that had full internet connectivity, at least at that time.
I think the future of plotters will include full internet connectivity via icons similar to what you see on cell phones and tablets.

I decided to go with a Raymarine unit that the company heavily discounted because it was no longer in production and all my other stuff was Raymarine.

I'm not sure if SH has a computer interface that allows you to plot routes on your computer and then transfer them to the plotter. That feature is important to me and would be a deal maker/breaker. I also wanted a touch screen and I don't think SH has a unit that supports that feature.

Anyway I think you bought from an excellent company with great customer support.
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