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Hey Scott,

Thanks for the suggestion. TBH, it wasn't too terribly long ago that we combined a couple of tug sub-forums into a single one and revamped the title and descriptions of ALL the make-specific forums (Actually Craig did all the leg-work on that). We kinda decided we had too many forums that just don't get much. if any, traffic. If you parooz the tug forum with any frequency, (or most of the make-specific sub-forums) you know that there is very little traffic in there. That by itself doesn't mean there is no need, but it's the truth.

We don't discount your idea to once again breakout a Nortic Tug forum again and we're here for you if you really want it, but as mods and forum owners, we just don't see the need for it at this time as there is already an overwhelming number of forums here. And yet, the VAST majority either post in the General section or one of the specific maintenance sections.

Convince us otherwise. We are here to help the community. If there is a call for it, we will put it back
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