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Originally Posted by BruceK View Post
Welcome Aboard Michael.
Located as you are in the North Antarctic, go with something fixed and permanent. You might get ideas from how Riviera and Maritimo go about it, they often fully enclose FBs, dispensing with a lower helm altogether. "Do it once do it right" makes sense, down there it could add to the value/saleability as well as improve boating enjoyment, long term. There are boat window manufacturers in QLD (sorry,can`t remember the name, try a search, Gold Coast located I think) who do good work at surprisingly modest prices and will quote. My replacement side cabin windows were made in aluminum to my shipwright`s cardboard template. You`d need a design, and to work out a fitting method. The QLD maker might have ideas too.
Yes, I just looked at your temperatures and having removable really would benefit you little unless you cruise to the north. So, I certainly see where glass might make sense for you.
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