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Originally Posted by O C Diver View Post
If your boat has a holding tank overboard pump, does the waste discharge above or below the water line? My boating experience is mostly with charter and commercial boats. Can't remember one with a below water discharge. I prefer to have fewer hull protrusions below the water line and am thinking about moving mine above the water but under the swim platform. It will still have a seacock and it's unlikely that I will ever use the overboard system, but then options are always good.

To answer your question, mine is above the waterline.

To offer some unsolicited advice, I don't think you will gain anything from moving yours. Filling the hole is much more involved than just plugging it, you have to grind out some fiberglass and taper the patch. Leaving the thruhull and capping it off is the easiest way to abandon it so why not just leave everything as it is and save yourself the trouble and expense?
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