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The information on the typhoon and transit events was provided by a veteran yacht broker that had listed the boat for the original owner.
The broker had direct knowledge of the interior teak repairs including the name of the woodworker and date of the work done.
The subsequent delisting and private sale followed to the present owner.
There appears to be no engine or mechanical maintenance logs available on the ship. Inspection of the ship reveals very good cosmetic condition exterior hull and interior. The engine room shows signs poor care and the aforementioned exhaust
Leak that resulted in contamination of the space with oil soot and corrosives.
No disclosure was made or acknowledged by the owner when asked about these issues.
As attractive as the low hours and outward appearance seems, I suspect that there are significant latent issues as a result of the past history.
My sense is that the cost of remediating will exceed 40-50k and from your advice maybe higher. It also seems unlikely that the ship will outrun its past when it comes to resale value and the hit will likely be six figures under comparable boats.

Appreciate the feedback from the forum in trying
To avoid trouble with the acquisition.

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