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Originally Posted by Barpilot View Post
Of course we are aware of the negotiating system. I've negotiated millions of dollars worth of contracts during my working lifetime. I think that we might be in a somewhat better bargaining position in that we will be a "cash" buyer. No need for financing approval and all that goes with it.
Bp - I have no doubt, from what you say, that on BIG Ticket items in a different area than "Pleasure Boats" you are well-versed/experienced. That said - Boat you just sold was purchased new by you in 1999, if memory serves me correctly from previous post of yours. With NEW Boats the potential for paid-price "dickering" with broker is as night and day compared to USED Boats. And, with New Boat - similar to New Car - as you leave the dealer to sail off (drive off) into the sunset an immediate, substantial devaluation occurs. Not so with Used Boats... if purchased correctly!

Used Boat purchases are a kin to “Horse Trading”. There is often much room to dicker! YachtWorld prices on used or new boats are usually hugely inflated by dealers/brokers. They gots ta make a living too, no blame coming from me! However – never be afraid to offer any broker a price you feel any boat may be worth, of course, with contingencies for surveys etc. The broker has basic obligation to present your true-offer to seller. Dickering starts at that point if seller decides to entertain your offer. Surveys are SOOOO important to not only clearly show you the Used Boat’s true value but also to give you leverage during price dickering with seller. If all else fails, due to contingencies, either you or the seller can walk away free and clear. If end result of your and seller’s “horse trade” dickering events reach a meeting of the minds – then you can own that boat.

Cash, IMHO, as you plan to do is the best way by far for boat purchase. I have had very good results buying a boat directly from the owner. But, I like to dicker and put NO emotion into any purchase. That is till I own it – then I like to make love to my properties and keep them well in condition.

Not trying to teach you anything here – just sayen – Used Boat buying is similar to Horse Trading – Dicker, Baby – DICKER! Make sure you come out respectfully on top of the deal – or – Walk Away. Never let the seller get on top of you!

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