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Janice is your engine seawater cooled? 200 degrees is fine if fresh water cooled but not if seawater cooled. If you have a seawater cooled engine it would not have a high temp thermostat so your thermostat is defective or you've got a freshwater cooled engine.

FF is right load tests should not be done tied to a float but if your propped right there still shouldn't be black smoke. But FF is probably wrong to say you should fire your wrench. There are things about the situation that FF and the rest of us don't know. Mechanics are good at mechanics but poor at engineering. Go to the engineering side w all the info you have like boat disp, WLL, hull type, prop room, engine, gear ratio ect ect and they he or she should be able to suggest a props blade area, dia and pitch that should give you perfectly acceptable performance for years to come if you don't run at full throttle. Very short periods of full throttle operation should be done to insure that the general health of your engine is good.

Fix the throttle linkage so you can go to full throttle.

Your engine manufacturer may have charts that can predict a good prop.
Information that comes from engineers is best.

There are standards for the length of unsupported shaft between bearings. A wild guess would be probably about 7' max for 1.25 dia. Any prop man should know.

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