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Need help with engine cooling question

Dear all, the other day when checking the water level in my Lehman 120 (1975 era), I noticed the centre of the cap showed some corrosion. I had a bit of trouble re-seating it, and when I took it off again to check the alignment, there was a 'ping' and the whole pressure cap part leap apart and went to the 4 corners of the ER. Ie it is cactus…but it has done pretty well I think it's the original cap. I expect (hope) I will not have too much trouble obtaining another, but I have looked on vain through the detailed manual I have, and the radiator cap is listed as part 2C302, in the diagram as no 5, but nowhere does it mention the relief pressure - which I would think the relevant thing to know in sourcing a new alternative, as the factory part will no longer be available.
Anyone know for sure..? Most cars are about 10-14psi I think from memory, but would this be the same. The manual says optimum temp range 79-88C, or ~190F and that's where she sits normally, but I'd rather not do a trial and error thing...
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