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Originally Posted by Billylll View Post
Simple I work with Comcast security you don't think we would be asked for MAC and IP's if people using our systems where hacked, really? Not a single LEO request for records, it's Jeff right? I remember your fear mongering on Panbo well...
We'll there you go - had to go the personal route. Your "fear mongering" accusation were a few thousand boaters who listened to the concerns and protected themselves. I know because we helped set up nice discounts with a few major VPN players.

So give specifics. You work "with" Comcast security. What exactly does that mean? I work with them too. And give a specific list of marinas where your expertise was used. I'd love to see if I have any real involvement with the facility.

A lot of marina WiFi is installed by a friend or brother-in-law who knows a little about networking. I'm being serious. About half the time, it's a local networking company that has never done outside or difficult installations like marinas. Titusville Municipal is a good example (200 slips). They were having terrible problems. So I called the company who installed the system. They typically do dentist's offices and thought they could use their knowledge to implement marina WiFi. Total failure.

I'm now involved with a few brand new installations. Marina Jack in Sarasota is a great example (300 slips). Instead of them now telling boaters to refrain from streaming video, they now invite them to stream but ask that they limit it to only a few devices. Legacy in Ft Myers is another (200 slips). I don't know where the $300K number came from above. None of these installations were 10% of that.

Marina WiFi is difficult and nothing like hotels or anything else that exists. But I'm done with this conversation if name calling about my attempts to help continues. Knock that the #%^* off.
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