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Originally Posted by ActiveCaptain View Post
It is so incredibly simple to get into much of what you think is secure. POP is rarely SSL based. IMAP is quite secure but no one would try to break through that wall when there are so many easier ones.

Panbo challenged me with something similar a few years ago. So that evening I used free software to dump some basic network packets. It showed an open POP password within 30 seconds of use. The screen shot is still at:

And Billylll - how would you possibly know how much information was stolen from the marina hotspots that you "run" - which marinas are they (I'd love to check my notes if I've been to one). I'm working with literally hundreds of marinas right now with WiFi. Most are the most unsecure setups I've ever seen. Most of the marina WiFi setups I've seen are created by people who know just enough to be dangerous.

You either need to use cellular or you need to use a VPN. Anything else is just asking to have your identity stolen.
Simple I work with Comcast security you don't think we would be asked for MAC and IP's if people using our systems where hacked, really? Not a single LEO request for records, it's Jeff right? I remember your fear mongering on Panbo well...
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