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Anytime your browser is connected to https://something or other, the entire data stream between your browser and the web server it is talking to is encrypted. Listen all you want, it will just be jibberish. Every bank and ecommerce site uses https at least for checkout, if not for the whole session. So I think that makes those browser sessions secure no mater who is listening in.


You say the "entire data stream under https is encrypted. Does that include the login, or just the stream after login? If login is not encrypted someone can steal the login name and password and access your banking data.
Unless the web programmer is a complete idiot, it includes the login. Just look at the top of your browser screen and you can see when the session is secure as indicated by the https:// (note the "s"). Some browsers now have an icon instead of "https", so you may need to check how yours works.
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