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Originally Posted by keb View Post
So what is your fuel budget for that two month trip? Looks to be 5 figures if my imperfect quik calc brain is even close. And then what percentage of cost is fuel for that trip? Doesn't seem insignificant?
We're not using a trawler for this trip and have a large group of people including crew so our numbers won't be useful. That said our fuel costs for that boat including that trip are budgeted to be less than 15% of operating costs.

However, I'd estimate for most in trawlers that trip would be about four months and the fuel costs would be between $10,000 and $15,000. The other costs would depend on whether they anchored or used marinas. But if marinas on a 50' trawler you'd be talking $9,000 or so. Assume six people, then food and beverages at $10-15/day per person. That's $7,000-$10,000. What about communications. If they choose to have satellite television and phone and internet that could run as much as $10,000 for that period. Now for many it's no more than $2000 - $3000. Then there is just maintenance. Not just what occurs during that period, but the accumulation of wear and tear that leads to rebuilds, leads to replacing equipment, leads to replacing batteries, watermakers, leads to painting the boat. 4500 hours is a lot of wear and tear.

An interesting exercise one might do is go to and under the Management tab at the top use the operating cost calculator and enter all the information for your boat. See how your costs compare, but it will also remind you of some costs. For instance it will put part of an engine rebuild into your annual costs, part of painting.

I'm not saying our costs are indicative of others. I am saying that for most boaters, fuel is a relatively small part of their total cost of ownership. I also recognize there are exceptions and you may well be an exception.
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