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Originally Posted by Giggitoni View Post
You've made my point. You're on the water more than 1,000 hours per year. I'm jealous! However, the "average" boater is having a good year with 200 hours. So your 14% or 8%, whatever, for fuel usage is even less for the average boater with fewer hours.
Maybe theirs is less but we run up other expenses on the water though.

The 1,000 hours seems like a lot even with 270 days on the water. But what runs it up is the overnights. For instance we project 338 hours on our two month Alaska trip but that includes 40 hours from Bellingham to Ketchikan, 25 hours from Juneau to Glacier Park, at Glacier Park and then to Skagway, 46 hours from Haines to Valdez, 52 hours from Kodiak to Sitka, and 64 hours from Sitka to Port Angeles. So it's not as if we do 4 hours every day or 8 hours every other day.

But then our fuel is higher as a percentage than others might be because we typically cruise 15-22 knots.
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