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Originally Posted by yachtbrokerguy View Post
What does the manufacturer say about free wheeling the reverse gear? It may be OK for short periods only. Also the stuffing box is a concern if it is water injected, you will need a cross over hose from the running engine to the free wheeling one.

Twin Disc are OK with backdriving or windmilling as long as:

Start the engine and operate the marine transmission in
neutral at normal fluid pressures for five minutes, doing this
once every eight hours. Maintain the backdriven marine
transmissions oil level at the full mark on the dipstick."

See attached extract about windmilling.

I have a watercooled stern gland and I imagine you would want to check it occasionally with an infrared gun if you were running with no water flow. I think as RPM will be lower when windmilling, temps should be no problem.

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