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Originally Posted by eyschulman View Post
I would think that air height should be a major consideration when choosing a boat to be used regularly where there are low bridges. One of the great benefits of my changing from sail to power when I lived on the ICW was no longer having to mess with all the bridge openings. My present boat was built with fixed air height as a consideration.
Absolutely. If you live and boat in certain areas, 15' becomes the magic number. Other places it may be 20'. We're looking for a loop boat and it will be limited to 19'1" which it will probably achieve only with a hinged arch.

Bridges may also influence where you keep your boat. With us they even influenced to some degree where we wanted to purchase our home. We have two bridges to the ocean, one at 55' and one at 24'. That is going South. But to our north we have 22', 18', 9' and 15'. So a home further north or boat stored there could mean the 9' bridge. New River here has great marinas and many bridges.
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